Contemporary cancer research requires effective separation and isolation of single cells. Current sample handling and processing techniques is a bottleneck due to the amount of manual processing required as well as the need for high technical proficiency to achieve positive results.

There is a need for new technologies which liberate single cells from tissues in a rapid, gentle, and thorough manner. Microfluidic technologies have emerged as simple yet powerful methods for processing and manipulating cellular samples at the microscale. Migration of key tissue processing operations into a microfluidic platform addresses many of the key issues associated with current techniques.


Global market for single cell analysis

  • Single-cell analysis market is expected to reach $ 6.4B by 2025 with a CAGR of 15%

  • Oncology is the largest segment of single cell analysis market, with focused discovery based on prevalence of cancer type.


  • Kino Discovery’s product is a disposable microfluidic device that leverages hydrodynamic fluid flow to rapidly digest and disaggregate tissue specimens into single cells.

  • Easily integrated into an automated, high-throughput system and greatly enhances pharmaceutical and biotech drug discovery.

  • Tissue processing time is reduced from 4 hrs to 10 mins with complete tissue breakdown, while preserving cell function.

  • Effective with multiple tissue types.


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